post-title Basic Meditating Tips

Basic Meditating Tips

Basic Meditating Tips
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Learn to meditate. Meditation can return stress levels hormone to normal, relax muscles and slow a racing heart.

Set on alarm to ring in five minutes. Sit with your spine upright, feet flat on the floor, palms resting on thighs. Relax your shoulders and jaw and switch off from everyday concerns. Close your eyes.

Focus on your breath moving in and out. Let this steer you away from trains of thought. If it helps, breathe in to a count of three or four. Exhale to the same count. When distractions arise, focus on your counting or awareness of your flow of breath in and out.

Return to regular breathing as the alarm rings and slowly open your eyes. Once you feel easy with the technique, increase meditation time in increments of 5 minutes.

If you cant’ achieve a daily practice, try to approach everyday activities in a state of mindfulness.

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