post-title Beauty Tips. Creams and Serums

Beauty Tips. Creams and Serums

Beauty Tips. Creams and Serums

Day and night. Always use separate day and night creams. The day is designed to absorb into the skin quickly and not interfere with make-up application whereas night creams are more emollient and designed for bare skin.

Use less than you think. Don’t slather on more product in the belief that it will work better. Many good products are highly concentrated and only designed to be used in very small amounts.

Glow with serum. Unlike moisturisers, serums – either in bottle form or as ampoules – have an oily rather than absorbent texture and impart a glow to the skin that improves the visual appearance. They can be used as a quick pick-me-up to give an instant richness to skin’s texture. Serums are seriously good, they are pumps or vials of potent anti-ageing agents such as antioxidants and AHAs. Some are formulated for daily use under a moisturiser while others are for short-term or overnight use.

Firm and moisturise. For very dry or mature skin, a firming serum or treatment applied underneath a moisturiser gives an added boost. Every skin type needs a daily moisturiser, so know the one suitable for you. Lightweight gels and simple moisturisers are good for young and sensitive skin.

Moisturise one at a time. It’s a common mistake to buy three or four similar products, open them all and alternate using them. But if you do this, the chances are that you won’t use them all before their use-by date and they’ll end up going off or being ineffective.

Night-time beauty. Beauty sleep is not a myth. While you sleep, your skin regenerates itself, which is why night creams are such a good idea for moisture. Make sure you go to bed hydrated so the skin get the chance to heal itself.

Protect with UV. Always use a moisturiser with an SPF 15 to protect from sun damage. With modern formulations there is no need to apply both a sunscreen and a moisturiser.

Do it sensitively. If you have easily reactive or sensitive skin, stick to simple, pure products without a cocktail of anti-ageing or AHA ingredients. These will simply replenish the natural moisture without triggering the problem.

Use it or lose it. When putting on a face cream, scrub or mask instead of wiping or washing off what’s left, use it up on the backs of hands and fingers to keep them looking younger and well-conditioned for longer.

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