post-title Beauty Tips. Wrinkle-busters

Beauty Tips. Wrinkle-busters

Beauty Tips. Wrinkle-busters

Walk wrinkles away. Walking delivers oxygen to the complexion, gets blood flowing and reduces tension-related wrinkles because it releases feel-good chemicals in the body, which reduce stress and boost relaxation.

White and green tea. Green and white tea can help delay collagen ageing and weakening, which has been shown to be a premier cause of wrinkles. Many face creams use green and white tea, not only for their anti-oxidant properties but also because white tea is shown to limit DNA damage in sun-exposed skin. White tea promotes new cell growth and strengthens the skin.

Repair your skin. Vitamin A can help diminish wrinkle depth, and its light inflammatory action ‘puffs up’ the skin so wrinkles look less deep. Find it in anti-wrinkle creams or add it to your diet by eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

Don’t confuse wrinkles with dryness. Dry skin can look more wrinkled, but actual wrinkles are not due to dry skin: they are due to damage to the skin’s under layers from ageing, sun exposure and smoking, as well as other pollutants. Moisturise and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Know your wrinkles. There are four different types of wrinkles – fine, deep, static and dynamic. Fine wrinkles, around the eyes, occur gradually due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin; deeper ones like forehead lines start in the muscles below the surface; dynamic lines are those seen only when your face moves; and static wrinkles are seen all the time.

Silk siren. For the smoothest facial skin, copy the Egyptian queens and insist on a silk or satin pillow, which will smooth out facial wrinkles while you sleep and ensure you wake up looking your best.

Keep your brow line free. Squinting is a common cause of wrinkles, as muscles adapt to regular face positions. Wear glasses or contacts to avoid squinting and smooth out your forehead instead of frowning when you’re upset or annoyed.

Witch hazel face firmer. Witch hazel can temporarily tighten the skin and give facial tissues a lift. Instead of using it neat, which can stress delicate skin, mix 1 teaspoon with 100g (3,5 oz) of moisturiser and after two weeks you should see results.

Resist damage with vitamin C. Antioxidant vitamin C in sunscreens, moisturises and capsules will help skin resist damage from sun, pollution and dryness so less wrinkles appear.

Go marine. Marine proteins, found in some creams and many supplements, can have skin –strengthening and –boosting properties, which may help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sun-induced premature ageing.

Be cool in shades. Sunglasses will stop lines developing around your eyes, caused by squinting against sun or harsh light. Problem areas are in cars and changes in light intensity between inside and outside. Wearing shades in winter, when the sun is lower, is important, too.

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