post-title Common Eye Problems and How to Treat Them

Common Eye Problems and How to Treat Them

Common Eye Problems and How to Treat Them

Eyes have been called the mirrors of our soul and are the one feature of our faces that express almost every emotion. No amount of clever make-up can hide what lies inside. Eyes reflect our health and our moods. Sometimes our moods and emotions cannot be helped, but general health can be.

Common eye problems.

Conjunctivitis – red eyes with a feeling of ‘burning’ and sticky discharge. This is infectious so don’t share towels or face cloths. Bathe eyes with warm boiled salt water. If there’s no improvement in a couple of days, consult a doctor.

Styes – an infection in an eyelash follicle which appears in the form of a little boil. If general health is low, you could suffer from styes quite regularly. If normal bathing does not help, consult your doctor.

Bloodshot eyes – if no pain or stickiness is evident, it could simply be eye strain, general tiredness or time spent in smoky atmospheres. Bathing with eye lotion, relaxing a few minutes with cotton wool pads dipped in witch hazel on the eye lids should relieve the condition. If bloodshot eye feel sticky and seem to be stuck down and ‘caked’ on waking, this can be an infection and should be seen by a doctor.

Weeping and general irritation – it could be that you are allergic to eye cosmetics, even if you have used the same ones for years. Test by leaving eyes free of make-up for a few days then apply your eye cosmetics one at a time. You may discover which particular one is responsible. Some eyes object to oil-based make-up removers, too. If condition continues, consult your doctor.

Wrinkles – can be caused by dryness around eye area and the loosening of tiny muscles. Use an eye cream (not a ‘fatty’ one) to combat dryness and tone up muscles. Wrinkles can also be expression lines which appear from too much smiling (but don’t stop) or frowning (stop immediately). If you notice you are screwing up your eyes when reading or working, you should have an eye test.

Puffy bags – often caused by too much fluid in the tissues. Bathe eyes alternately with warm and cool water. Drink a glass of hot water on waking. Avoid leaving heavy creams on overnight.

Rules to remember.

  • Never use old eye drops or ointments.
  • Do not over-use eye lotions to bathe eyes. These are fine for relieving tiredness or cleansing now and then, but should not be used too often.
  • Never stretch the delicate skin under eyes. Cleanse gently without pulling and always pat dry.
  • Have your eyesight tested every year or immediately if you think it is necessary.
  • Rest your eyes during the day by covering them with palms of hands and cutting out light for at least five minutes.
  • Tears protect eyes and are the nature’s way of bathing them. A heavy weeping bout will cause puffiness, so don’t get carried away! Blinking fast a few times helps ‘wash’ the eyes and relieves the dryness.
  • Don’t attempt to read for any length of time without proper lighting. From above or behind is a general rule. If you use a desk or bedside lamp, the lamp should shine on what you are looking at, not in your eyes.
  • Ensure you get the right amount of sleep.
  • Ensure a proper diet with lots of Vitamin A. Especially good are carrots, tomatoes, celery.
  • Never rub eyes if you suspect there’s something in them. Even a speck of dust is painful. To remove foreign bodies, gently pull upper lid out and down over the lashes. If this doesn’t work, go to the casualty department of a hospital.

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