post-title Do You Need To Have a Bath?

Do You Need To Have a Bath?

Do You Need To Have a Bath?

Even if you have to bathe or wash hurriedly most of the time, try to follow this routine at least once a week.

Keep the bath temperature warm, topping up as necessary. Don’t lie in it more than half an hour or you’ll emerge like a wrinkled walnut.

Add bath oils or special salts.

If you are not going to wash your hair, tuck it back into a bath-hat. This is a good time to set hair, too. Cover it and let the stream freshen up the set.

Cleanse your face thoroughly. Now’s a good time to put on a face mask, as it can do its work while you relax. Alternatively, use a conditioning cream and let it penetrate while you are bathing.

Soak for a few minutes, letting the body totally relax. A few underwater exercises to tone up muscles can be done now.

Now wash yourself. Work up a fine lather on your flannel, sponge or bath-mitt, which is good for stimulating circulation and for firming flab.

Use a loofah to rub down arms and legs. It is particularly good for getting rid of dry or flaky skin, leaving skin tingly. Don’t forget your back. Use the loofah if long enough or, alternatively, a long-handled body brush with stiff bristles.

Use a pumice stone on particularly hard skin areas, such as elbows and parts of the feet. Use a stiff nail brush for toes and fingernails.

Relax a few minutes.

Rinse body with fresh water and spray or splash with cool to cold water to stimulate.

After the bath.

Rub yourself down briskly with a rough towel.

Wash off face mask, or tissue off conditioning cream. Splash face with cold water. Gently pat dry.

Apply moisturiser/night cream to face.

Apply lashings of body lotion all over – don’t skimp. Remember, your body needs more at this time – and the lotion needn’t be an expensive one. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. And don’t forget the soles of feet. If you have an oily or spotty back, dab with astringent.

Talcum powder can be used to leave skin feeling smooth and smelling sweet.

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