post-title Essential Oils for Fever and Infections

Essential Oils for Fever and Infections

Essential Oils for Fever and Infections
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Although essential oils can help provide relief during an infectious illness, as well as reduce its duration and prevent it from spreading, in cases of high fever, severe infection or an acute childhood illness, the following home treatments should never be used as a substitute for professional help.

The two most useful oils for stimulating the immune system and fighting viruses of all kinds, including flu, are eucalyptus and tea tree. Use these oils in a vaporizer in the sick room or put a few drops on the pillow or on a hankie or use throughout the day and night.

For shivers, headaches and aching muscles take a warm bath with 4 drops each of lavender and marjoram. This will also encourage restful sleep. Roman/german chamomile is helpful in overcoming anxiety or insomnia.

When there is fever present, eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, peppermint and bergamot help to reduce temperature and fight infection. A few drops of these oils can be used in a vaporizer or added to a dish of steaming water placed on a radiator in the sick room.

Fore sore throat, add 2 drops in total of clary sage, spanish sage, tea tree or geranium (and a little fresh lemon juice) to a glass of warm boiled water, mix well and gargle. ( not to be used by children under five.)

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