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How To Choose Fragrance

How To Choose Fragrance
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How can you tell if a fragrance really suits you and ensure that it lasts as long as you want it to?

Always use blotters, or smelling strips, when testing fragrances in store. This method, which is favoured by perfumers, will enable you to smell a large number of fragrances without your sense of smell becoming exhausted.

If you apply fragrance to the skin, the warmth of your body gives the fragrance so much aura that you can only smell a few in one session.

John Oakes, perfume expert and author of The Book of Perfumes, recommends following a minute or so between smelling different scents and points out that you shouldn’t rub a perfume once you have applied it or you will ‘bruise’ the ingredients.

Ideally, decide on two or three fragrances you like, then spray yourself with just one of them from a distance so that only the light vapour touches your skin.

Live with the fragrance for the rest of the day and if possible that night. Most women don’t give themselves enough time when choosing a fragrance. Some perfume experts say that you really only know a fragrance when you have slept in it.

Return to the store and test your second fragrance on another day. Remember that although you may like the smell of a scent on someone else, it may be completely different on you. A fragrance can vary depending on the pH of the skin.

Avoid testing a fragrance for several days if you have eaten spicy foods or garlic, unles these foods are a regular part of your diet.

Stress, medication and hormonal changes, such as menopause, can also affect how a fragrance smells on you.

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  1. Sasha

    Which scents are better for an acidic pH and which scents are best when the pH is more alkaline? I understand that a pH test can be purchased at a local store. So, if I were to base my scent on the results, which scents are better in these pH states? Also, can natural and synthetic fabrics effect the effect of a scent? Are some scents better on natural or synthetics (ex. light florals for natural and heavier scents for synthetic)? Should scents be sprayed on fabric or just skin? I always wondered if it would be a good idea to spray some on a scarf or handkerchief.
    I hope this comment/question isn’t the start of an online class; lol. Thanks in advance.

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