post-title Is Caffeine Good For You?

Is Caffeine Good For You?

Is Caffeine Good For You?
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In small doses caffeine can be a good thing. Its initial effects are increased alertness and activity in the muscles, nervous system and heart.

Unfortunately, people often use caffeine to fuel an already overloaded system, thinking that this will improve their performance. Too much caffeine has the same effects on the system as prolonged stress – anxiety, over-stimulation, headache, migraine, emotional instability, palpitations – and should be avoided wherever possible.

Caffeine is a drug commonly found in food and drinks such as coffee. Tea, chocolate and Coca-Cola. It is a strong stimulant and actually generates a stress reaction in the body by causing a rise in the release of adrenaline. In small doses caffeine can have a positive effect on your health. People often use caffeine to fuel an already overloaded system. Some studies have also indicated a possible link between caffeine intake and high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

The best way to observe the effect of caffeine is to get it out of the system long enough to see if there is a difference in how you feel. After about three weeks many people notice a benefit. You feel more relaxed, less jittery or nervous, sleep better, have more energy (a paradox, since you are removing a stimulant), less heartburn and fewer muscle aches. To avoid withdrawal symptoms it is best to decrease intake by one drink per day until you are down to zero, then abstain for three weeks.

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