post-title Seasonal Beauty. Autumn

Seasonal Beauty. Autumn

Seasonal Beauty. Autumn
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Be a plum fairy. Instead of immediately opting for dark colours in the autumn, step slowly into winter with deep berry colours, plums and slate greys, which blend with summer skin and brighten dark autumn nights. Simply choosing a different shade of lipstick can be enough to direct your look toward the new season.

Be clued up about cleansers. Autumn brings with it colder weather, which means the oils the skin has been producing liberally throughout the warmth of the summer begin to fade. Make sure autumn cleansers are free from detergents which could strip the skin of moisture.

Devote time to your décolletage.  The skin of your chest and neck is almost as delicate as that on your face, but it’s easily forgotten in the autumn, when you’re likely to start covering up more. Apply moisturiser at night on your neck, ears and collarbone area, as well as your face to keep it toned.

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