post-title Skin Brushing Is Good For You

Skin Brushing Is Good For You

Skin Brushing Is Good For You
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Skin brushing improves both circulation and lymph drainage, and also assists in eliminating toxins from the surface of the skin.

The lymphatic system is the body’s way of disposing of waste and toxins. Lymph does not have a pump to drive it around the body. Instead, it is powered by the movement of the muscles and can also be stimulated by brushing the skin. This technique is increasingly being incorporated into spa treatments worldwide, where beauty therapists and practitioners of complementary medicine may offer to demonstrate it to you.

Using a brush with natural bristles, brush your dry skin once a day before you step into a bath or shower. Start on the soles of your feet and work upwards, always brushing towards your heart to encourage the blood to flow in this direction. You will probably be surprised at how briskly a beauty therapist brushes your body – initially it could take your breath away. Brush yourself as firmly as feels comfortable; after a few days your skin will become accustomed to the sensation and you will be able to increase the pressure a little. If you wish, you can very gently brush your face as well as your body.

Wash the brush regularly in warm soapy water and hang it up to allow to dry.

Avoid skin brushing if you are unwell, if you have a skin disorder or very sensitive skin.

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