post-title Step-By-Step Manicure

Step-By-Step Manicure

Step-By-Step Manicure

Avoid nail parlous and instead give yourself an all-natural manicure at home. In doing so you reduce your exposure to toluene, a key ingredient of nail polishes and removers, which is especially assaulting for the nervous system.

  • Remove nail polish with an acetone-free remover, sweeping from cuticle to tip. Soften hands and nails in a hand bath for 5-10 minutes. Pat dry.
  • With cotton but, ease out dirt from beneath each nail. Wrap cotton nail around an orange stick and dip into rosehip oil. Ease back cuticles.
  • File nails with a soft emery board in one direction only, working from the outside inwards. Massage in a little avocado or rosehip oil.

Source: ‘Stay Young Naturally.’


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