post-title What Are Crystals And Gemstones?

What Are Crystals And Gemstones?

What Are Crystals And Gemstones?

Crystals are natural solids made from minerals. They are formed in the earth’s surface. Although there are many different shapes, colours, and sizes of crystal, each type of crystal has a precise atomic arrangement.

Crystals can be identified by their colour (although there may be significant variation within a crystal type), mineral composition, crystal habit, and degree of hardness.

The degree of hardness of a crystal is described by Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. The scale is named after its developer, the German scientist Friedrich Mohs, and it indicates how hard minerals are in relation to each other.

Crystals have been worked with by medicine people and shamen around the world for thousands of years. Their recorded use dates back over 5,000 years in Chinese texts on traditional medicine , Ayurvedic texts from India , and the Bible, which has over 200 references to crystals and their powers and associations.

Crystals have been found around the world in prehistoric graves of different cultures, from the Olmec civilization on Central America to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus (372-278 BCE) wrote a text titled Peri Lithon (On Stones), which is the basis of today’s modern scientific classification of gemstones. Theophrastus presented a taxonomy of known gems, their origin, physical properties, and magical and healing powers. Although the origins and physical properties still hold currency in the contemporary scientific community, the magical and healing powers have somehow been ignored.

Today, people across the world have a natural affinity for and knowledge of crystals and their healing powers. The healing properties of crystals are universal.

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