post-title Will Vegeterians Live Longer?

Will Vegeterians Live Longer?

Will Vegeterians Live Longer?

Both vegeterian and non-vegeterian diets can be equally healthy(or unhealthy). However, vegeterians, I am sure, would like me to point out studies that suggest their diet can be the healthiest. For example, one study compared over twelve years the death rates of 6,000 non-meat eaters with those if 5,000 meat eaters, and discovered that vegeterians were nearly 40 per cent less likely to die of cancer and 30 per cent less likely to die of heart disease than meat eaters.

These findings do not mean that meat is harmful, but because Beany Babies have a higher intake of pulses, nuts, vegetables, fruit and cereals, they are likely to be eating more protective nutrients and have lower saturated-fat intake. Pan-European studies also associate high intakes of vegetables and fruit with lower incidence of heart disease, cataract and some cancers. The results may also be influenced by the fact that overall, vegeterians tend to have a healthier lifestyle; the studies show that many vegeterians exercise regularly and are non-smokers.

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