Baby Powder Aroma Mist Room Spray

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Aroma Mist Sprays are expertly blended to give rooms a delicious aroma. The quickest way to refresh your immediate environment, wherever you are is to spray some aroma mist around you.

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Usage – with a quick spray of aroma mist, get rid of cooking odours or a musty smell, simply improve the ambience of your home before guests arrive. These sprays can be used for aromatherapy, where a particular fragrance creates a certain mood or helps you improve your state of mind. The sense of smell plays an important role in the way human beings feel and behave and this is an important factor in the practise of aromatherapy.

100ml bottles

Bottle size: 140 x 49 x 28mm

Made in the UK

In ancient times, fragrances were luxuries that only the wealthy and the important people could indulge themselves in. Equivalent or more valuable than gold and silver, perfumes and fragrance oils from fragrant herbs, spices and flowers were the main booty on board trade ships in those days. People risked their lives for them, set off on big adventures, and earned good monetary rewards for bringing home precious fragrances and spices from distant countries like India and the Middle East.

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